Christianity & the Bible

Note: The websites under this heading are all produced by Seventh-day Adventist organizations. · An Intelligent, Accessible Primer to the Christian Worldview.

The companion website to The Evidence, “a half-hour newsmagazine/docudrama television show that investigates the possibility of God … [and] asserts that the idea of God, while not provable, is not irrational.” The website features show transcripts and video for each episode in the “Show Schedule” section. · Life’s Big Questions from a Bible-based Christian Point of View.

While not claiming to have all the answers, recognizes that “Life experiences raise all kinds of questions—some don't matter much, but others are so important that life itself doesn’t matter much if they're not addressed.” Using video presentations, the website tackles such questions as “If God is good, why so much suffering?”

Online Discover Bible Guides · Free Methodical Study Guides of Basic Bible Teachings.

“These Bible guides provide a clearer understanding of God, the Creator who designed us and who cares about us. They show how God has communicated to man through the inspired writers of the Holy Bible, and how these messages apply to our lives today.”

Online Sabbath School Bible Study Guides · Topical Study for Weekly Discussions.

Often referred to as the “Sabbath School Lesson,” this material serves as a common starting point for many of our Saturday morning discussion groups. Reading the Lesson is recommended, though notrequired, for discussion participants. · Discover what the Bible says about more than 350 topics.

“Helping people around the world discover what the Bible says about life’s big questions! Here you will find counsel, direction, encouragement and help—all from God’s Word.” Kids can find “Big Answers for Little People” at

Seventh-day Adventists

The official website of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, listing current news and events as well as doctrines and beliefs. Since September 2009, an official channel was establish called “Adventists About Life”. · Adventist Development and Relief Agency International

ADRA International works in over 120 countries to empower the poor around the world with the resources, skills and opportunities to live a better life with dignity and hope. ADRA Canada, part of the ADRA International network, collaborates in development and relief projects both in Canada and abroad.

Adventist Churches Online

A list of over 1000 church web pages from Seventh-day Adventist local congregations from every part of the globe, including SDA churches online in Canada (with this site is listed as “Toronto - Harmony SDA Church”). · Children’s Health Education and Relief International Canada

“CHER is a registered, non-profit, charitable organization with a tri-level aim and purpose: to aid in the relief of poverty, to provide Christian education, and to give basic medical care/treatment, to and for children in Third World countries.”