Pastor’s Message

PASTOR Bill Santos

PASTOR Bill Santos

Welcome to our website! I hope you will come and worship with us.

I know you will find our church family to be loving, accepting, and kind. Together with arms linked and under the anointing power of the Holy Spirit, we try to present, through word and deed, what Jesus has done for each of us personally. 

Why not come out and join our church family?

—Bill Santos, Harmony church pastor 2014–2018

In early 2018, Bill was asked to fill the ministerial leadership needs of the Toronto Portuguese Adventist Church (▸ Harmony Adventist Church and its members continue to partner in his endeavours with Lessons For Living Television (▸ and Mission NOW Canada (▸

Bill has stirred thousands of people around the globe with his relevant and informative presentations. Bill was born and raised in Toronto, and has spent 20 years as a management consultant and 10 years as the Speaker for It Is Written Canada. Bill returned to Canadian television screens as speaker for our new media outreach ministry Lessons For Living Television which premiered October 11, 2015 on CTV television network affiliates in Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton as well as online including YouTube

Bill, as an ardent student of Scripture, is an exciting preacher of the Word of God and has written more than a dozen thought provoking books. Bill’s passion is reaching people for God. You will find his messages easy to understand, timely, and practical. Bill is married to Fatima and they have two children, Joshua and Rebecca. 

Pastor Jiwan Moon, his wife Jessica, and their daughters

Pastor Jiwan Moon, his wife Jessica, and their daughters

At Harmony Adventist Church, we hope our community here may provide a space for you to  experience God’s grace and love, clear and simple.

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, we hope you find a welcome place here at Harmony!

—Jiwan Moon, Harmony church pastor 2014

In May 2014, Jiwan accepted the position of Associate Youth Director of Public Campus Ministries at the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference world headquarters.

Pastor Frank Dell’Erba, his wife Irene, and their children

Pastor Frank Dell’Erba, his wife Irene, and their children

Welcome! If you’re seeking answers to some of life’s deeper questions, if you’re looking for a community to call home, or if you’re just plain curious, we’re glad you’ve found us. Harmony is a community of followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to love as Jesus loved and live by faith in God’s word.

—Frank Dell’Erba, Harmony church pastor 2008–2013

In November 2013, Frank wrote the following farewell message after receiving news of his transfer:

I want to take this opportunity to welcome Pastor Jiwan Moon and his wife Jessica and their three beautiful children. I know they will be a wonderful blessing to Harmony and vice versa, as you begin this new journey together.

For pastors like me and Pastor Moon, it is a bittersweet experience for any of us to be transferred away to a new district. Bitter, in my case, because Harmony has been home not only for 6 years as pastor, but many years before as a member. Yet sweet too because I believe what God has in store for Harmony and for me in my new district will grow His kingdom and be a blessing. I want to thank my church for being such a wonderful community of faith for me and my wife and our children to live and grow in. You are precious to us.

May God bless you together, Harmony and Moon family, as we all continue to serve God until someday soon we arrive home together. God bless.